Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steedos Workflow?

Steedos Workflow is a business process management (BPM) system that can easily build and run electronic processes, including travel application, travel reimbursement, asking for leave, procurement, payment application, disposal of scrapped fixed assets, meeting room reservation, customer complaints, work reports, etc.

How to use Steedos Workflow?

Steedos is a cloud_based enterprise application software, similar to an enterprise mailbox. With no need for a server of your own, you can use Steedos by opening the explorer. Before running the software to go through the approval process, you need to take the steps as follows:

  • Create a Steedos account;
  • Create an enterprise workspace;
  • Invite your colleagues to the workspace you created.

What should I do if I don’t know how to design a flow while using Steedos Workflow?

you don’t need to worry, because Steedos provide flow design service for free. You can send emails to support@steedos.com. You need to provide information listed be below.

  • Detailed requirements;
  • Lists of organizations, users, and users’ email addresses;
  • Lists of all nodes and assigned approvers (users);
  • Form styles.

Why Steeods Workflow is much safer than traditional enterprise softwares?

To keep your data safe,Steedos:

  • Adopt AWS (Amazon Web Services). Your data are encrypted and stored in a server of Amazon in Singapore.
  • Use 256 bits SSL encrypted transfer protocol based on HTTPS. It is as safe as Net Banks.
  • Make back-up copies to servers in USA every hour. As a result, your data can be recovered after a failure.
  • Provide export interfaces. You can regularly back up your business data to a locally attached storage devices.