How to design a flow

Admins need to design the flow after having finished form designs. In Steedos Workflow, a node represents a step , and all nodes are connected with straight lines. A node can concatenate one or more nodes according to following approval process. The flowing nodes can be decided by assigned by approver or by conditions automatically.

Flow design

We set “Daily Reimbursement” as an example to demonstrate the flow design process. Detailed steps are listed below.

  • Login in Steedos, and then click “Workflow Designer” in “Settings”.
  • Select “No Category” in pop-up interface and then click “Daily Reimbursement”.
  • In the workflow interface, “Flow Info”, “Draw”, “Properties” are displayed in the panel at the right side.
    • Flow name and flow description can be modified in “Flow Info”.
    • Click “Draw” to add different nodes, including “Approve Request”, “CounterSign”, “Provide Input”, “Condition”. Here is a brief introduction for different nodes.

- **Approve Request**: Approvers must select “Approve” or “Reject”.
- **CounterSign**: In the node, several users can approve applications. Then applications flow to next step automatically according to system conditions.
- **Provide Input**:Users can input comments or submit requests immediately, but can not select “Approve” or “Reject”.
  • Select one node in “Draw” and move it to the left panel of the page.
  • And then place the mouse cursor over this node. Next,click “+” icon to add lines to connect nodes.
  • Of course,you can click “-” to delete the lines.
  • Click the specific node and then “Flow Info”, “Draw”, “Properties” and “Permissions” are displayed in the panel.
    • Properties: Admins can modify “Step Name”, “Assign to” and “Deadline for the step” in properties. For more details, please refer to “Approver settings”.
    • Permissions: Except for the start step, all fields are read-only by default. Admins can tick editable fields in the step according to actual situations.
  • Turn on the switch in “Workflow List” to run the flow.


Requests submitted before the modification of form and flow design will run according to previous settings. The requests submitted after modifications will flow in new steps.